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We preview the Stanford game on Friday, talk about the basketball team's opener in the Bahamas and pick the Pac-12 winners...

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We talk about the Bruins' third-straight win over USC, what it means for the playoff chase, what it means for recruiting and what it means for the next few seasons...

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We talk about the UCLA-USC game at the Rose Bowl on Saturday, preview it with publisher Ryan Abraham, talk recruiting and playoffs and more and don't need a fire for it...

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We talk football recruiting, stats with Alex Mokover and preview the Pac-12 weekend and also touch on UCLA basketball's first two games this weekend...

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BRO publisher Tracy Pierson joins us this week in an early edition BROCast recapping the Bruins road win over Washington...

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We recap UCLA's win over Arizona, preview the game against Washington, talk about the official visitors than fearlessly pick the Pac-12 winners...

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