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It was a meaningless bowl game, and, as usually happens in meaningless bowl game, UCLA really didn't show up, losing 35-17. It doesn't matter though, because Chip Kelly is the new head coach...

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We break down what UCLA's recruiting class looks like right now, what still needs to happen, and how we think the Bruins will do in the bowl game...

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What do we think of the staff hires? What kind of offense will Chip Kelly run? We answer all these questions and more in nearly 2 hours of BROCast...

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UCLA has done what it has never done before -- hiring the hottest coaching name in football. Chip Kelly will be UCLA's new head coach, and it signals a new era for UCLA athletics. Tracy and Dave have all the analysis...

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UCLA beat California 30-27 on Friday night with a game-winning field goal in the waning moments. We talk about that and more in this edition of the BROCast...

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Jim Mora was fired after losing to USC on Sunday, and now UCLA begins the coaching search. Will Chip Kelly be hired? If not him, who? We talk about all that and more...

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UCLA lost 28-23 to USC on Saturday, despite an excellent performance from Josh Rosen, thanks largely to poor special teams play and red zone offense...

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UCLA beat Arizona State at the Rose Bowl, pushing the Bruins to 5-5 and potentially setting up a shot at a bowl game with a win over USC or Cal the next two weeks...

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Three UCLA freshmen were arrested in China, and we break down what could happen from here. We also preview the ASU game, and talk about Jim Mora's job status...

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UCLA lost to Utah 48-17 thanks to a horrific defensive effort and dismal offensive play without Josh Rosen. We recap what went wrong here...

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The Bruins are fresh off a drubbing at the hands of Washington, while Utah is fresh off getting whopped by Oregon. Which one of these teams is going to be more motivated on Friday?

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UCLA lost to Washington 44-23, and may have lost quarterback Josh Rosen in the process...

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UCLA is fresh off beating Oregon to bounce back after a slow start to the season, but now the toughest test of the season is coming: a road trip to Washington, to take on the No. 12 Huskies...

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We recap UCLA's 31-14 win over Oregon, and what it means for the rest of the season...

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BROCast: Oregon Preview 2017

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We recap the 47-30 loss to Arizona, which puts UCLA at 3-3, and in position to potentially miss a bowl game...

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So many questions are pressing on the minds of UCLA fans with the Bruins sitting at 3-2. Will Jim Mora make it to 2019? Will Tom Bradley make it to 2018? We answer all these and more in this edition of the BROCast.

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With UCLA at 3-2, the Bruins have a bit of a tough road ahead to get to the 8 wins we predicted in the preseason. We break down the remaining schedule and also talk targeting and what improvements we've seen overall from the team this year...

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BROCast: Colorado 2017 Postgame

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We provide the early take on the Stanford loss after the game...

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BROCast: UCLA vs. Stanford Preview 2017

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BROCast: Memphis Post Game

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BROCast: Memphis Preview

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BROCast: Postgame Hawaii

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BROCast: Texas A&M Post-Game

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BROCast: Season Preview 2017

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BROCast: Fall Camp and Hoops Recruiting

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BROCast: Fall Camp Week 1 2017

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BROCast: Recruiting and Offensive Line Boost

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BROCast: Spring Midpoint

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BROCast: Spring Preview 2017

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BROCast: Hoops and Recruiting

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BROCast: Post-Signing Day 2017

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BROCast: Recruiting and Hoops

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BROCast: Post-Dead Period Recruiting, Hoops

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