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  • Brandon first my respect and prayers go out to your family and welcome back buddy. Now I must say it's funny how you guys smoothly mentioned Bryce Alford's roll in your breakdown of UCLA's horrific season. You're right, since he bring a senior and plays no defense, that ribs off on the rest of the team but it's mainly that daddy has allowed his son to play no defense while rewarding him with what will be the most shot attempts and minutes in the history of UCLA basketball when it's all said and done. I am terrified about next year since they won't can this bum Alfraud! Only way next season will work is if he has Bryce coming off the bench to regain the respect of those same returning players who quit on him this year. A starting young backcourt of Holiday and Ball will wreck havoc defensively with steals and Ball pressure. Bryce can be that much needed pop off the bench. That's the type of drastic move he must make to get some Bruin's fan grace again. Its still go Bruins but yikes for next bball season.

    posted by: Greg Williamson on 2016-03-15 10:58:31

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