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We go in depth on the UCLA basketball season, the job Mick Cronin did, and the immediate potential of the program...

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With not much actual sporting news at the moment, we tackle one of the most pressing questions on the mind of UCLA sports fans: is it too late for Chip Kelly to turn it around at UCLA?

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We talk coronavirus, first week of spring ball, and the basketball team's end of season....

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We talk about the basketball team's continued surge and the start of spring practice...

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We go in-depth on the basketball team's improvement, why it's happened, what next year could look like, NCAA Tournament possibilities, and much more...

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We talk about two recent transfers out, the basketball team finally playing some defense, and UCLA being in the red...

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We go in-depth on the loss of Chris Murray, Chip Kelly visiting Navy, and Mick Cronin's broad strategy for this year at UCLA...

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We recap Early Signing Day and then talk about basketball...

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We talk extensively about hoops issues and football recruiting...

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We recap the football season and then talk about the much more hopeful basketball season...

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UCLA lost to California, and mercifully, the season is now over.

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UCLA lost bad to USC, getting crushed defensively by the high-powered USC passing attack...

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BROCast: Hoops Season and Rivalry Week

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UCLA lost to Utah thanks to a horrific defensive effort and some terrible execution in the red zone by the offense.

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*We go deep on UCLA's commitments this week in football.

*We talk about our impressions from the basketball opener.

*We digress about how UCLA is closing out the year in football and what we think about Chip Kelly's program so far.

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The Bruins put together a workmanlike performance in beating Colorado on Saturday...

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BROCast: Previewing Colorado and Hoops Season

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UCLA beat Arizona State, in what was probably the best overall performance of the Chip Kelly era...

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UCLA beat Stanford for the first time in a decade!

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We talk about what we've heard from UCLA basketball practice and the upcoming game against Stanford...

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Dave walks through the ramifications of losing in disastrous fashion to the worst program in the Pac-12...

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We go deep on UCLA's outlook before and after Oregon State, so deep in fact that we travel to an alternate universe where UCLA lost to Washington State, at least in Dave's brain. Then, we talk hoops, which is a nice palate-cleanser at about the 45 minute mark, before transitioning back to football to close the thing out on a great note.

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BROCast: Arizona Postgame

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BROCast: Talking Arizona

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UCLA somehow won against Washington State 67-63, and we try to talk semi-coherently about it.

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BROCast: Oklahoma Postgame

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We talk at length about everything from a macro-perspective with Chip Kelly and the UCLA program at this time...

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We take BRO questions after the debacle against San Diego State...

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We talked with Chris Osgood about what he saw against Cincinnati and what he expects to see against San Diego State...

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Dave answers some questions about the Cincinnati game and gives his own thoughts on the outcome...

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We talked with Chad Brendel about the upcoming Cincinnati game, and also get some insight from him about new UCLA basketball coach Mick Cronin toward the end of the show...

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*We go through the football injuries to talk about their impact.

*We talk at stupid length about Chip Kelly's relationship with the media.

*We discuss other takeaways from fall camp.

*We talk about Tracy's interviews with the basketball staff.

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*We talk about Joshua Kelley's injury and what it could mean for the early season.

*We talk about Colson Yankoff's eligibility, and Chris Petersen being a jerk.

*We discuss Mitchell Agude, a linebacker option in 2020.

*We recap Tracy's interview with new hoops coach Mick Cronin.

*We run through the different position battles in fall camp.

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*We discuss the loss of Killian Zierer at length and what it means for UCLA OL recruiting.

*We preview Pac-12 media day, and who we think could be good in the league this year.

*We talk briefly about our top 30 most important Bruins list, and John Evergreen's conservative picks this year.

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With an optimistic mindset, we look ahead at what the offense, defense, and special teams could do this year to make this team a good one...

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We have a long talk about the state of UCLA football recruiting, what we think is going on in terms of effort level and official visits, how we think UCLA could be successful, and talk a little about what the impact of a positive season could be...

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In this episode we talk about:


*Dave's daughter potty training.

*Hoops recruiting under Mick Cronin

*The recent UCLA football camps

*Our main concerns for the upcoming UCLA football season

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*Improving football depth chart with added transfers.

*The job Mick Cronin has done so far at UCLA.

*The unique potential of the UCLA football program.

*The dominance of UCLA softball and baseball.

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*We spend a good amount of time on the key sports at UCLA -- beach volleyball and baseball.


*We then talk about basketball and the second assistant coach hire for Mick Cronin, as well as some recruiting notes.


*We then break down a potential transfer quarterback for UCLA.

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We go in-depth on everything we saw in the UCLA football spring game and then talk about Mick Cronin's first assistant hire and how the Bruins might attack the spring evaluation period...

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We break down the process of hiring Mick Cronin and what we think he might be able to do at UCLA...

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We talk about reasons for optimism with the UCLA basketball coaching search, why Jamie Dixon is a good fit, if he ends up being hired, and the overall state of the football program...

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Dave answers all your questions about the football team and basketball, and Blair jumps in to answer your football recruiting questions...

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BROCast: Coaching Search, Football Roster

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We diagnose the failures in the 2019 recruiting cycle, talk about what changes are and need to be made for 2020, and then briefly touch on basketball...

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We talk about one potential future coach and where things stand with football recruiting...

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We talk about the Steve Alford firing, what we'll take from the Alford era, and how we'd rank the candidates for the job...

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BROCast: Football Recruiting, Basketball Thoughts

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We say what everyone is thinking about the basketball team, and talk about the final month of recruiting...

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We talk about Sean Rhyan's commitment, Jayden Daniels' recruitment, and more...

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UCLA lost to Stanford, but it was one of the most impressive games of the year...

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We break down the key points from the USC game, talk about Stanford, and then go through what we think is to come in the Chip Kelly era...

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Critical errors cost the Bruins, but there were still a lot of positives from the game against the Sun Devils...

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So many special teams mishaps! But the offense looked good, even with some shaky quarterback play, so there are positives to take away as well. The Bruins could have won, even with disaster level special teams, which is both frustrating and encouraging...

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We recap the loss to Utah, which featured some of the worst receiver and special teams play of the last few years, which is really saying something impressive...

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We break down what UCLA needs to do offensively and defensively to beat the Utes, and also touch on a couple of quick football recruiting topics...

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The Bruins beat the Wildcats despite losing their starting quarterback, but the defense looked pretty bad...

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UCLA won its first game and a few obvious trendlines are emerging -- first, the Bruins have a running game. Second, UCLA's special teams are actually good now. And third, the young quarterback is starting to look like a potential star...

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We talk about the new transfer rules coming, what UCLA is doing in recruiting, and the upcoming game against California...

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The offense looked like it had actual signs of life in the loss to Washington, and there's real reason for hope now. The Bruins still have to figure out a pass rush though...

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We recap UCLA's latest blowout loss, this one to Colorado, wherein Dorian Thompson-Robinson played probably his worst game so far this season...

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Pac-12 play is upon us! We go deep on UCLA's recruiting strategy, what's going on with Chip Kelly's program, where our skepticism lies, and what we think this Colorado game could look like...

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BROCast: Postgame Fresno State

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BROCast: Cincinnati Post-Mortem, Oklahoma Preview

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We preview the beginning of the Chip Kelly era, who we think will start at quarterback, what to expect from the offense, and more...

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Who's coming on strong in the quarterback competition? What are things looking like on the offensive line? We answer these fall camp questions and also talk about some 2020 schedule developments that could set UCLA up for a huge year...

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It's the start of fall camp! Practices aren't open for viewing, but we caught a brief glimpse of some of the freshmen, which left us free to speculate about some potentially exciting options for this coming year...

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We talk about the release of Bryan Addison, the commitment of Duke Clemens, and Player run practices...

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Wilton Speight has had a nice first month in the program, there are a bunch of newcomers we're excited to see in fall camp, and UCLA's recruiting has been...strange, thus far.

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UCLA's first elite camp had some interesting talent, quarterback recruiting is getting more interesting, and four players are leaving the program, including three reserve offensive linemen...

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We start off with a dedication to BRO Sean Wang, who passed away on May 23, and then get into a discussion about the basketball players who have announced their return as well as what we think could happen in football this year...

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It's the J-Cast! We talk about UCLA commitments Jamie Jaquez and Jake Kyman, new UCLA recruit Jayden Daniels, potential grad transfer Joe Burrows, and new grad transfer Justin Murphy.

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We break down a few positive developments from spring practice, discuss the appropriate time to panic about UCLA football recruiting, and also dissect the wild basketball assistant coaching news...

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We talk about Aaron Holiday leaving, Jaylen Hands and Kris Wilkes potentially leaving, what football players we're most excited to see in the second half of spring practice, and what we think about UCLA's new analytical method of recruiting...

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We break down Steve Alford's failure to advance to the 64-team NCAA Tournament yet again, what that means for UCLA hoops, and how Chip Kelly is changing things during spring ball and in recruiting...

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We recap Chip Kelly's first Signing Day at UCLA, what recruits stood out, and then also talk about an assistant coach potentially leaving for Nevada...

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Lots to talk about in today's BROCast as we break down OL recruiting, how the roster looks at that position for next year, how Chip Kelly has approached recruiting, hoops recruiting, and how the basketball team might finish the year -- action packed!

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Brandon and company recap the Polynesian Bowl in Hawaii last week and talk about how the UCLA prospects looked...

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We talked for a really unexpectedly long time about basketball, starting around the 38 minute mark. Before that, we recapped the UCLA official visit weekend and discussed the NFL Draft early entries. Good stuff!

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Tracy Pierson joins us today! UCLA has filled out 9 of its 10 assistant coaching slots, which we discuss at length, and then we touch on what dire straits the offensive line depth chart is in for next year. Finally, we wrap up with a discussion of UCLA hoops and the state of the program...

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It was a meaningless bowl game, and, as usually happens in meaningless bowl game, UCLA really didn't show up, losing 35-17. It doesn't matter though, because Chip Kelly is the new head coach...

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We break down what UCLA's recruiting class looks like right now, what still needs to happen, and how we think the Bruins will do in the bowl game...

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What do we think of the staff hires? What kind of offense will Chip Kelly run? We answer all these questions and more in nearly 2 hours of BROCast...

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UCLA has done what it has never done before -- hiring the hottest coaching name in football. Chip Kelly will be UCLA's new head coach, and it signals a new era for UCLA athletics. Tracy and Dave have all the analysis...

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UCLA beat California 30-27 on Friday night with a game-winning field goal in the waning moments. We talk about that and more in this edition of the BROCast...

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Jim Mora was fired after losing to USC on Sunday, and now UCLA begins the coaching search. Will Chip Kelly be hired? If not him, who? We talk about all that and more...

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UCLA lost 28-23 to USC on Saturday, despite an excellent performance from Josh Rosen, thanks largely to poor special teams play and red zone offense...

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UCLA beat Arizona State at the Rose Bowl, pushing the Bruins to 5-5 and potentially setting up a shot at a bowl game with a win over USC or Cal the next two weeks...

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Three UCLA freshmen were arrested in China, and we break down what could happen from here. We also preview the ASU game, and talk about Jim Mora's job status...

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UCLA lost to Utah 48-17 thanks to a horrific defensive effort and dismal offensive play without Josh Rosen. We recap what went wrong here...

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The Bruins are fresh off a drubbing at the hands of Washington, while Utah is fresh off getting whopped by Oregon. Which one of these teams is going to be more motivated on Friday?

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UCLA lost to Washington 44-23, and may have lost quarterback Josh Rosen in the process...

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UCLA is fresh off beating Oregon to bounce back after a slow start to the season, but now the toughest test of the season is coming: a road trip to Washington, to take on the No. 12 Huskies...

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We recap UCLA's 31-14 win over Oregon, and what it means for the rest of the season...

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BROCast: Oregon Preview 2017

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We recap the 47-30 loss to Arizona, which puts UCLA at 3-3, and in position to potentially miss a bowl game...

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So many questions are pressing on the minds of UCLA fans with the Bruins sitting at 3-2. Will Jim Mora make it to 2019? Will Tom Bradley make it to 2018? We answer all these and more in this edition of the BROCast.

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With UCLA at 3-2, the Bruins have a bit of a tough road ahead to get to the 8 wins we predicted in the preseason. We break down the remaining schedule and also talk targeting and what improvements we've seen overall from the team this year...

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BROCast: Colorado 2017 Postgame

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