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We talk about Jordan Adams' reversal and decision to go to the NBA, wrap up spring with thoughts on the Spring Football Showcase, talk football and hoops evaluations and so much more...

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We talk about the upcoming Spring Showcase, eval periods for football and basketball and the new football facility renderings.

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We talk about how the Bruins look in week three of spring football, size up the basketball roster with Jordan Adams staying and Zach Lavine/Kyle Anderson leaving and talk about the recruits who've been at football practice and who UCLA coaches have been calling since the eval period started...

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We take a look at football spring practice and where the Bruins stand halfway through, talk the biggest offensive and defensive surprises, the development of key players and lingering question marks.  

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We talk about the start of spring football practice, wrap up the 2014 basketball season and get into recruiting with the eval period close to beginning...

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