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We talk about the surging football team, struggles for basketball, and recruiting...

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UCLA beat Arizona behind a studly defense and a great running game...

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We recap the very encouraging loss to Oregon and what it means for UCLA...

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We talk about Oregon, Dorian Thompson-Robinson's status, and basketball starting next week...

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UCLA dominates Cal defensively and shows a fun wrinkle offensively..

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We talk about the Utah cancellation, Cal now on for Sunday, and the basketball team being picked No. 1 in the league...

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We talk about the loss to Colorado, the defensive struggles, and more...

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We talk about the upcoming season and the first game against Colorado...

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We talk about fall camp so far, the basketball team's power rankings, and more...

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We talk about the season, fall camp, and Mick Cronin's interview with BRO...

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UCLA Football and Basketball are back in November, and it's exciting times...

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The seasons could be coming back and we couldn't be more excited...

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We talk about the potential for basketball, Josh Rosen's bad luck, and more...

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We talk through the potential for a basketball season in 2020, Under Armour, and more...

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We talk about basketball recruiting strategy, the UCLA mindset, and more...

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Football cancels its season, basketball is postponed, and recruiting news...

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We talk about the 8+ positive cases, our guesses for football, and why we're optimistic for basketball...

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We talk about the changes in the UCLA football schedule and some ideas for basketball season...

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*Peyton Watson was crystal balled to UCLA by Josh Gershon -- what kind of impact would he make?

*The football season could still maybe happen, and we go through how.

*UCLA offered a second quarterback in the 2021 class.

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We talk:

*the likelihood of a fall football season

*the likelihood of a basketball season

*how UCLA recruiting is going in football

*Chris Smith's decision timeline in basketball.

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We go through UCLA's plan for returning to campus and more...

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We break down the demand letter from UCLA football players and the implications...

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We talk about recruiting, Chris Smith's decision timeline, and fall camp plans...

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We talk COVID-19, Quarterback Recruiting, and More...

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We talk through the factors necessary to have a season this year, what circumstances could pause it, and more...

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We talk about UCLA's potential next athletic director, what we think could happen with the football season, and more...

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We talk about the ramifications of Daishen Nix opting for the G League for UCLA, college basketball, and more...

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We talk about the potential wing rotation next year and the Miller Moss recruitment...

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We talk about Chip Kelly's chat with the media and Johnny Juzang committing to UCLA...

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We go in depth on the UCLA basketball season, the job Mick Cronin did, and the immediate potential of the program...

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With not much actual sporting news at the moment, we tackle one of the most pressing questions on the mind of UCLA sports fans: is it too late for Chip Kelly to turn it around at UCLA?

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We talk coronavirus, first week of spring ball, and the basketball team's end of season....

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We talk about the basketball team's continued surge and the start of spring practice...

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We go in-depth on the basketball team's improvement, why it's happened, what next year could look like, NCAA Tournament possibilities, and much more...

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We talk about two recent transfers out, the basketball team finally playing some defense, and UCLA being in the red...

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We go in-depth on the loss of Chris Murray, Chip Kelly visiting Navy, and Mick Cronin's broad strategy for this year at UCLA...

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